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When it comes to breakfast, there is next to nothing in this world that will distract me from my syrup-drenched pancakes … but then, I’ve never before been to a drag show over brunch.

On Sun., March 4, Sacramento’s Grand Ballroom will transform into the Glam Ballroom for the LGBT Community Center’s 6th annual Mama’s Makin’ Bacon, which goes to show some people really know how to raise money for a good cause.

“We’ve got Sacramento’s premier drag performers,” says Patrick Harbison, board member of the LGBT Community Center and the event’s emcee.

Drag Brunch 6

The 2017 Mama’s Makin’ Bacon Drag Brunch. From left, Glenda Corcoran, George Raya, Ted Lindstrom, Carlos Marquez, Alison Hastings, Mae Moua, Tre Borden, Brett Anderson, Johnathan Cameron, Paul Domemoore Crouch, Natalie Fujikawa, David Heitstuman and Patrick Harbison at the Grand Ballroom

Performers Lez-he West, CeCe Williams, Lady Divad Divine D, Mae Moua, and 16-year-old Pastel will descend upon the runway. Guests can purchase front-row seats to the show, but with no promises their eggs won’t be seasoned with a little glitter.

Drag Brunch 1

The spread at the 2017 drag brunch event at the Grand

“This is a unique way to engage the community because when the hell else are you going to see a drag show over breakfast?” Harbison says. “It just doesn’t happen. You can let your guard down, and you’ll know all the songs.”

While Harbison doesn’t know the exact playlist, you’d better believe “It’s Raining Men” will be in the queue.

“You’re going to love the music,” he insists.

Drag Brunch 3

The queens will be there dressed for work, but Harbison says the audience’s attire is flexible.

“Some show up in drag, others are casual, but we’ll be serving up a ton of bacon, pancakes, eggs, and Bloody Marys with Preservation and Co.’s mix,” Harbison says.

He says there are plenty of mimosas as well, and there’s always the chance a member of the audience is pulled onstage.

“Oh, that has happened multiple times,” he says.

Whether you’re there for a good breakfast, the booze, or just the performance, you’re guaranteed to have fun, but this drag show also proves you can brunch with a good conscience.

Breakfast will be served by Plates Café and Catering in Sacramento, whose proceeds support Saint John’s Program for Real Change, an organization that helps mothers and children through periods of homelessness and abuse.

Drag Brunch 2

Drag Brunch 7

“They employ clients from Saint John’s shelter, and we liked the idea that they also do nonprofit work, so they seemed like a great option for this event,” says Jacquelyn Foust, the event manager for LGBT Community Center.

Tickets can be purchased at the LGBT Community Center’s website, with options ranging from drinks only ($15) to runway seating with buffet and mimosas ($100). Whatever way you choose to view the show, whether with a drink in hand or a mouthful of bacon, Harbison says you’ll enjoy yourself — something we can all use these days.

“In this political climate, now more than ever it’s important to show solidarity with this community,” he says.

Mama’s Makin’ Bacon

Sun., March 4, 2018

11 a.m. – 2 p.m.; show begins at noon

The Grand Ballroom

1215 J St., Sacramento